When it comes to financing one’s home purchase, there are several options to choose from.
Traditionally, one would usually finance up to 80% of the purchase through a mortgage loan and the remaining funding must be found elsewhere.

If your property has increased in value, read here how you can save money on your loan.

As a rule, a payment corresponding to 5-10% of the value of the dwelling must be available.
The remaining 10-15% can therefore be financed either through a mortgage loan or a mortgage loan . It will be relevant here to know the differences between the two alternative rest financing.
When choosing the traditional mortgage loan, the interest rate will usually be high, while at any time the bank can demand the loan redeemed before time.

This is not risked by a mortgage bond, if the debtor pays his / her installments on time.
In addition to this, the mortgage bond loan is recommendable as the interest rate is generally also lower than a normal home loan.

The housing market today

The housing market today


With a view to the above, many Danes go with the idea of ​​buying a home. However, the doubt may be great and for some a difficult decision to make when it comes to such a large investment.

For how does the Danish housing market really do?

Are prices still going down or can we expect an increase over the next few years?

If your property has increased in value, read here how you can save money on your loan.

According to many Economists, the housing market has finally turned since the financial crisis really broke out. In practice, this means that an investment in real estate over a number of years can easily be profitable.
However, funding for this can be difficult, as banks are still careful about lending money.


The housing market is running again, but there are areas where it still stands still. Especially in the big cities, there is time in the housing market.


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