Every year, a number of studies are made that try to identify the best Danish bank. But one of the easiest ways to get an overview of the financial market is by taking a look at the category “banks” on the website Trustpilot.dk

Trustpilot.dk is a website where customers and users can judge their experiences with a large number of Danish companies, from large groups to the smallest webshops – in other words: If you dive into the assessments on trust pilot you get a good overview of the service level. , among other things at the Danish banks.

The best banks – rated by customers


The idea with Trustpilot is that one can give a company a rating from 1 to 5 stars. It then gives a “trust score”, which goes from 1 to 10. If one disregards companies with very few ratings, one can also expect that there is some validity in the results.

If you take a look at the bank category, Spar Nord runs off with the victory. It is surely surpassed in the category of SMS loan provider Ferratum, but in this study Ferratum is not included, as they only offer very expensive quick loans.

Spar Nord has a trust score of 8.5 – based on 125 reviews. Spar Nord is being pursued sharply by AL Bank, Ringkjøbing Landbobank and Nørresundby Bank, which all have a trust score of 8.3.

Said about Spar Nord:

Have one of the best advisors available.
Always good service and good advice.

However, since it is a large number of customers and users who report, the best banks cannot say they are free of negative reviews.

Be wary of these banks

 Be wary of these banks

At the other end of the scale, there are a number of banks that may not have completely passed through the customers. They at least harvest a large number of negative reviews on Trustpilot.

As in the top, there are both specific banks and providers of, for example, quick loans in the category. It is also consumer loans that scrape the bottom, while the worst bank is Finansbanken, which is part of Spar Lolland. It has got a trust score of 4.9, based on 61 reviews.

As the second poorest bank, we find Nykredit, and thirdly Arhus Lokalbank.

What are the customers happy about – and what irritates them

What are the customers happy about - and what irritates them

If you look a little closer at the reviews, it shines through that you are generally happy that the online bank works, and appreciate personal service and good customer service.

On the other hand, there are many negative reviews that people either do not receive a loan or that the bank runs directly from the promises. In addition, it is, of course, also a red cloth for the customers if the bank adviser does not live up to expectations, or simply provides for poor advice.

Use Trustpilot as a tool for choosing a bank

Use Trustpilot as a tool for choosing a bank

Are you faced with having to change banks, or maybe having offers for loans from several banks? So, Trustpilot can be a good tool for finding the good banks. Conversely, however, you should not base your entire decision on trust pilot alone.

Often there is a tendency that one would rather tell the bad stories than the good ones. Therefore, you must first and foremost rely on your own belly feeling, and simply use reviews of banks on Trustpilot as a tool in your decision-making process. The most important thing is your own experience when talking to a potential new bank connection.

Do you even have good or bad stories to tell about your bank? Then you are welcome to write a comment below.

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